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Will Your Business Weather ‘The Big One’?

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Lightning storm

(AgencjaAIAC, Pixabay)

2 Nov. 2018. If you happen to watch the news, you will hear on occasion the anchor mention the big one. This refers to a cataclysmic storm or seismic event that is always on the horizon and a possibility whenever certain locations experience a hurricane or an earthquake. The big one is always mentioned but never seems to occur.

Just look at Hurricane Florence. Before it hit, that was referenced as the big one. But, by the time it reached land, it had died down to a category 2. It was nowhere near as powerful as people predicted or indeed expected, thankfully. But the big one will arrive one day, and at that time your business better hope it’s prepared. So, is it?

Do you have storm insurance?

Depending on where your business is located getting storm insurance could be a smart move. Storm insurance will guarantee that if your business is damaged in a storm or other natural disasters, you will be able to rebound financially. This is because the business will be able to survive based on the money you get from the insurance company. Be aware that getting a payout after storm damage is not always quite as simple as asking a company to pay up. You may need assistance from a lawyer to make sure you get the financial support that you are rightfully owed with this type of coverage.

You might think that general business insurance will cover you here, but don’t be so sure. General business insurance won’t typically cover acts of god, and this is the term companies use to describe storms. As such, it’s best to get an extra level of coverage or check exactly what type of financial support you can receive from your current plan.

Are your buildings ready for the wrath?

We’re not talking about your office building here. Short of adding some metal plates to the sides to protect against the worst of the elements, there’s not much you can do. On the other hand, you might also have temporary buildings such as warehouses. If you use systems like this, it’s important to make sure that they are built to withstand damage from storms.

If they’re not, you could lose a small fortune in products and equipment. Thankfully, there are various systems on the market you can invest in with metal building kits that will survive the fiercest of storms. This is exactly what you need to protect your most important business assets.

Secure data centers

You might be keeping your data for your business on cloud servers. That’s a smart move and will guarantee that your systems and the information you’re storing for customers are as secure as possible. Unfortunately, these systems can be knocked out by storms as well as earthquakes. However, there are data centers that you can invest in which will keep your data safe even in the wake of these disasters. This will allow your business to continue to run even when the rest are knocked out of the running.

We hope this helps you prepare your business for the big one, whenever it may arrive.

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