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Infographic – Growing Interest in Longevity Research

Chart: human longevity references

News references to terms related to human longevity, Sept 2013 to Aug. 2018. Click on chart for full-size view. (CB Insights)

3 Nov. 2018. Most of the reporting in Science & Enterprise is about biomedical research and development, with much of that work addressing the needs of an aging population worldwide.In fact, a company founded by genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter has the name Human Longevity Inc., on which we reported several times, including earlier this year. And this interest in extending people’s lifetimes, as well as improving the quality of their lives, drives much of the venture and other business investment in R&D.

Our friends at the technology intelligence company CB Insights also reported recently on this phenomenon, with a chart from that report showing a growing journalistic interest in topics related to human longevity, this weekend’s infographic. The graphic displays the number of news references citing terms like senescence — the process of deterioration due to age — or age-related diseases between September 2013 and August 2018. The data show two big spikes in interest, in early 2017 and just this past year.

This growing interest is also reflected by investors. The links below from recent Science & Enterprise stories offer examples of those investments just in neurodegenerative disorders associated with aging, reaching in some cases into billions of dollars.

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