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Out of Action Unexpectedly – Coping with Time Off Work

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30 Nov. 2018. You have always been a very motivated person who is driven by the achievements in their career so far. When things don’t quite go to plan it can cause havoc with your mental and physical health. Whether you’re going through finance troubles or coming to terms with being out of work for a while, you need to learn to cope with time off work. You might be out of action unexpectedly due to a car accident, a work injury or an underlying illness you didn’t know about. Whatever your bump in the road may be, here are a few helpful ideas that might just get you through it all.

Claim compensation

Being injured and out of action obviously means that your finances are going to take a turn for the worse. Speak to your employer and see if you are entitled to any kind of sick pay during your time off. They should have a clear policy in place that allows you to take a set amount of time off to recover from your injuries. Similarly, you should also visit to see how a lawyer can represent your case. If you are successful in court you might be able to claim compensation which will help to take away some of your money troubles.

Talk openly and honestly

Don’t battle with your inner demons on your own; when you are out of work the days can be very long and lonely which will have an effect on your mental health. Talk to somebody you trust and never feel like you can’t let your emotions out when you’re having a glum day.

Fill your days

Even if you can’t do much physically there will be a way for you to fill your time so you aren’t so bored during your time off. Whether you start making jigsaws, undertaking online quizzes or reading books, there are so many ways that you can fill the long hours in the day.

Spend more time with family

You have probably got more time than ever on your hands right now, so use this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Allow them to come round and visit you during the day and make the most of the precious time you have been given. Before you know it you will be back to work and busier than ever!

Try to keep a positive mindset if you can; although this isn’t the ideal situation for you, there will be a way forward at some point. Speak to a professional if you feel your mental health is suffering and don’t be afraid to ask your family members for help. Anybody would be more than happy to help you through this difficult time so stay strong and look towards a brighter future. Even on your darkest days you should be able to write down one thing you are grateful for. Hopefully you will be back at work in no time, doing what you love once again.

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