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Strategies To Get Your Business Noticed On Google

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(muneebfarman, Pixabay)

1 Dec.2018. It’s one of the main business dreams of the internet age, that much sought after number one spot on Google. Since not everyone can be the number one for their desired search term, then even the first page is good enough for most business owners to feel that Google is working for them since the majority of people searching on Google rarely go beyond the first page.

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel like you’re constantly struggling to get your business out there when it feels like everyone else is racing to the top, then we’re sharing some simple strategies that you can implement right away to start getting your business noticed on Google.

Know what phrases you want to rank for

One of the biggest things that people get wrong when it comes to SEO and why they believe it doesn’t work or is outdated is simply because they’re not using it with any plan in mind. If you want to appear at the top of Google within your industry, then you have to know and choose the specific keywords and key phrases for which you want to rank for. This means, choosing the words and phrases that directly relate to your business and that people will be searching for in order to find the services or products you offer.

Create high value content

Content is at the heart of your SEO strategy, but not just any content. If you want Google to even consider letting your content get noticed anywhere on the first page of their search engine, then you’ll need to be creating high-value, unique content on a consistent basis. This doesn’t have to just be written blog posts, but can include things like podcasts, videos, and even guest posts that others write on your site.

Be active on social media

Creating content for your site is great, but there are so many other ways to boost your chances of being found by your ideal customers on Google. Nowadays when people are searching for things online and enter a relevant keyword, often the first few things that will pop up will actually be your social media pages before your website, so make sure you’ve got these in place and that you’re actually creating relevant, great content that ties in with your website and links back to it.

Have a paid traffic strategy

Whether it’s using Facebook ads, AdWords, or some other form of PPC advertising, a paid advertising campaign will really help you rise to the top of Google if you have a clear and well thought out paid traffic strategy. Many people will make the mistake of jumping into using paid traffic before fully understanding how it works or even before developing a strategy and plan for how to use it, and then they’ll end up losing a lot of money because of this and will end up with the impression that paid traffic doesn’t work when the opposite is actually true. To develop a good paid traffic strategy, you either need to take some time to make it work by learning to Use PPCnerd tools for Adwords automation or you can hire someone to take over this and manage it on your behalf.

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