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Different Ways To Market Your Business

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Marketing calendar

What does your marketing calendar look like? (Daniele Riggi, Unsplash)

12 Dec. 2018. As the owner of your company, you want your operations to be noticed. You want to draw in both customer and investor alike, as well as simple browsing parties that you could tempt back for networking purposes. It’s the first rule of marketing after all: you need people to know you there in order to search you out and buy from you, and rarely does this happen by accident.

But in such an oversaturated market, how are you meant to stand out? What kind of marketing can you employ to keep your turnover on the healthy line? What if nothing has quite worked the way you want it to before now? Where do you go next?

Marketing a business is done in many different ways, anyway, but sometimes you’ve got to think out of the box on a level basis to try and reach the customers you want. After all, there’s barely any original ideas left on the market, and that leaves you with hundreds of competitors to try and blow out of the water! So you’re going to need to find some different ways to get your business’ name and message out there, and finally settle into the market you’ve been meaning to capitalise on since the beginning. Why not read on for a few ideas if you’re looking for some advice in this area?

Be more creative

Being creative is something you always want to keep in mind when you’re trying to market a business. Creativity is the only thing that’s going to keep you innovating your marketing methods, using all the research and feedback you’ve garnered from your previous attempts; having the imagination to take your ideas one step further is the saving grace here. And if you struggle with thinking about where you can take a step next, this is a good learning curve to go down. After all, creativity is something we can learn as we go, and the more you get used to marketing your company, the more options will open up for you. Not to mention how many better, lead generating ideas will form in your head!

So you’re going to need to incorporate some kind of guerilla tactics in your marketing method, and make sure these are varying in what you come up with. As a small business, this is where your marketing know how can shine, and do a lot more for your profits and loss margin than a bigger corporation would ever manage. This is because you’re targeting your market on a more personal level, with a much more memorable experience than long lasting brand loyalty or TV adverts, and it’s long been hailed as the number one method for a startup to employ.

Maybe try out some graffiti signs, and partner with local artists in your area to get these images up on the walls of the town or city you work in. Maybe you could try some interactive advert boards, just waiting for people to look at and try out when they’re waiting for the bus or a taxi. Either way, you need to stand out in the consumer’s mind, and cause some kind of interruption to their daily life and how it works – that’s the only way they’re going to remember to look you up when they get home again.

Be more cosmetic

If you’re more cosmetic about your marketing, it means a potential customer can pick up something that directly advertises your brand and take it home with them, either to wear or use in day to day life. Using domestic and cosmetics methods to get your business’ name out there is best used in places such as a free sample booth in a supermarket, free items that are given out with any purchase at a previously established store, and at business events and networking conferences. Anyone who takes an item home with them is going to have a literal advertisement in their hands.

But what kind of products can you offer, that give you the most mileage? Well, the number one item would be a pen or pencil, as these merchandise pieces have all kinds of uses and can be put to regular use in someone’s life. On the other hand, offering out clothing items, such as patches or badges you can make yourself via this website, could be a good way to naturally produce a local, long running advertisement. If something is wearing something with your name on it, everyone they come into contact with is going to see it.

Be more of a content creator

If you’re become more of an influencer about the product you’re trying to sell, you’re going to be able to branch out in all different kinds of marketing methods across the social media platform. No longer are you going to have to rely on advert banners and sponsored posts that someone might not have blocked on their Facebook feed. Instead, you can try and build yourself a real community that you can rely on in return.

Having an influencer mindset when running a business means you’re going to be able to target your customers on a more personal level, and ultimately put your methods to better use than simply coming up with a tagline you think tells someone everything about your business. You’re allowed to go the extra mile here in applicable ways, as well as spend a lot of time and energy creating blog posts, status updates, videos, reviews, and anything else you can read online to try and get your product out there. And there’s always someone reading items like this, the blogging platform alone has almost 200 million active users.

As we said before, there’s many different ways you can market your business, but some of them are going to matter more because of your small business standards. Make sure you’re focusing on these in your effort to thrive and expand, and reach the right market out there.

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