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Getting Your Product to the No. 1 Spot

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Retail store shelves


19 Dec. 2018. If you’re selling your products to big businesses, they aren’t going to be alone on the shelf. In fact, they’ll likely appear in a section next to your largest competitors. Customers will then be able to take their pick of which company wins the shop battle. If you’re to stand any chance at success, you need that to be you. The trouble is, you’re the new product on the block, and you’re struggling to knock old favorites off the top spot. Your sales are looking so bleak right now that you’re on the verge of losing your place altogether.

The good news is, there are some simple steps you can take to boost interest. If you get these right, you could rocket to number one before those other companies know what’s happened. All you need to do is set your sights on the goal, and get stuck in with the following.

Win the branding war

Branding matters when it comes to sales. This is especially the case where competitors are battling it. If another brand’s label is brighter and more pleasing than yours, it’s no surprise you aren’t managing to sell. That’s why, before putting your products out there, you need to do your research here. Look at the branding out there, and consider how you can beat it. Then, develop an eye-catching and memorable logo which you believe could draw more customers than those other products. Once you have this in the bag, contact a company like this online label printer to see your vision into reality. You may find that winning labeling is enough to secure big deals, as well as increasing your chances of sales down the line.

Secure the best position

Products shelved at eye level tend to get high sales. Those shelved low down, however, often struggle to make a go of things. That’s why you also need to fight for the right position. This can be a tricky, as you’ve already begged that company to stock you. But, if you don’t take care of this, you’ll never be number one. Luckily, there are simple steps which should see you in prime positions. Offering exclusivity, for example, could secure better placing. Being able to prove an existing audience also increases your chances of hitting top spots.

Make sure customers know your name

Speaking of proving an existing audience, you also need to make sure customers know your brand name. We are creatures of habit, after all, especially with our shopping habits. Most of us reach for a brand because we’ve used it in the past, or because we recognize the name. If no one knows who you are, then, they might not buy your stuff. Change that by working on getting your business noticed before making big deals like these. Build a social media presence, and make sure that you’re ranking well on sites like Google. Make sure, too, that you spend a fair amount on marketing efforts to see more sales coming your way.

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