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Technologies That Deepen Insight and Help Control Your Life

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(Rawpixel, Pixabay)

27 Dec. 2018. It’s difficult to look at the world we live in today, and to not feel as though technology can do just about anything. Everywhere you turn, you can observe robots being developed that make the previous Sci-Fi generations of the futurists of yesteryear look all but feeble in comparison. You can observe medical and military innovations with a profound ability to heal and destroy, respectively.

Perhaps some of the most amazing innovations of recent times, however, have to do with the digital world and the bizarre construct that is the Internet — things that were unimaginable even just a few decades ago.

Often, we use the hyper-advanced digital tools and services at our disposal for leisure and entertainment. We engage in the social media feedback loop, we space out in front of Netflix, and so on. But there are many ways in which the digital technologies of the day can also deepen our insight and increase our control over our lives.

Here are a few kinds of digital technology that can achieve just that.

Data-management programs to track key analytics in the workplace

“Knowledge is power”, and “what is measured, is improved”, go two well-worn aphorisms about the value of understanding, insight, and the accumulation of data-points. Certainly, these concepts apply to our everyday lives, but they really come into their own when discussing matters of business.

Data-management programs, such as Tableau, can utterly transform your level of professional insight; can uncover hidden blind spots, illuminate trends and patterns, and allow you to operate in a vastly more strategically sound manner.

Of course Tableau training is a prerequisite for using the tool, but it’s a fairly democratized process. You do not need to rely on distant intermediaries to handle the program for you.

Time-tracking software to help you minimize procrastination in your life

If procrastination is the thief of time, huge numbers of us are being robbed on a daily basis — or perhaps more accurately, are robbing ourselves on a daily basis.

Among psychologists, it’s a well-worn truism that “conscientiousness” — essentially a trait measurement of orderliness and discipline — correlates highly with success in all domains of life, and can also counter negative emotion and neuroticism.

Nonetheless, many people struggle significantly with applying order and discipline to their lives — often with even being aware of just where all their time is disappearing to.

Time-tracking software, such as RescueTime or Time Doctor, can help you to identify where you waste your time, and can nudge you to get back on the right track.

Task-management apps and programs to help you declutter your mind and stay on top of things

According to David Allen, creator of the much-renowned “Getting Things Done” productivity and organizational system, the human mind is great at coming up with ideas, but bad at storing, cataloguing and managing them.

These days, we are all called upon to juggle dozens of tasks on a regular basis. Using a dedicated task-management system can make all the difference in your ability to stay on top of things and declutter your mind.

Many powerful apps and software programs exist for this purpose, if you like to do things digitally. For example; Microsoft To Do and Nozbe.

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