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Building a Healthy Business Environment

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Team meeting

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12 Jan. 2019. It can certainly be argued that one of the most important parts of running a successful business is ensuring that you provide your employees with a healthy environment in which to work. If you are able to do this, you should see more employee engagement, fewer sick days,more creativity and a high level of productivity, among other things.

Building a healthy company environment, then, is vital, but it can be quite challenging. There are many elements that combine to make a healthy business environment and you must work on getting them all right if you are to succeed….

Create a high level of trust

One of the most important elements of a healthy business environment is mutual trust. If your employees trust you, they trust each other, and they trust the business, they will be much happier and healthier at work. So, if you make promises keep them; if you put commitments in place, meet them; if you ask for your employees’ opinions, act on them where you can. All of these things will build trust and make your business a pleasant place to be.

Take health and safety seriously

When you run a business, you absolutely need to take health and safety seriously, not only because you could end up being sued if you fail in this area, but also because employees need to feel safe and secure if they are to perform well and feel loyalty to your company. So, whether you contact local flooring services to install a chemical resistant floor, you send your employees on first aid courses or you set up a free gym scheme for your staff, doing what you can to take the health and safety of your employees seriously is sure to pay off. Investing in these kinds of measures is always money well spent.

Communication is key

All of your employees should feel like they can talk to you about any problems they are having in work or at home, and you should make an effort to talk to and get to know each of your employees as individuals. This will create a happier atmosphere and closer relationships which will help to avoid feelings of dread, anger and sadness around work, which are so common in unhealthy toxic workplaces.

Give employees power

Empowering employees to get on with their work without being micromanaged every second of the day is a good way to create a healthy business environment because everyone needs to feel that they have autonomy over their lives. If you trust employees to get on with stuff you will probably find that they are actually more productive and creative too, because they will be free to apply themselves and try out new modes of working.

Be more flexible

Allowing your employees to start work when they’re ready and finish when they need to, as long as they complete their work adequately or even allowing them to work remotely sometimes if it is possible, will give them the freedom they need to find the right work/life balance and this will lead to less stress and more productivity overall.

Building a healthy business environment can be tough, but if you start with the above and build things from there, you will see fast improvements.

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