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How Your Company Can Make a Positive Impact on the World

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(Daniel Frank,

16 Jan. 2019. We all know we should be doing more to help the planet, and most of us are very good in our day to day lives. We recycle, we’re careful with water and we opt to have our bills sent to us paper free- we might even carry our own bag and water bottle with us instead of buying single use plastics. However, are you as careful when it comes to your business? Here are ten ways you can impact the world more positively.

1. Create a business that does good

If you’re at the start of your journey in business and are wondering what to sell or specialize in, why not consider something that will impact the world in a positive way? You could sell solar panels or other environmentally friendly products. You could make it your mission to only use recyclable, sustainable products that haven’t caused harm to animals or the environment.

2. Consider where your fuel is coming from

The fuel we buy and use as a company can have a huge effect on the environment. From your company cars to generators and powering your buildings, think about where this energy is coming from. Buy from low carbon energy suppliers to reduce scope 2 emissions. Consider switching to electric vehicles, and use renewable energy wherever possible.

3. Cut plastic consumption

In the U.S. alone, over four million disposable pens are thrown away every day. On top of this there are printer cartridges, plastic cups from water machines and lots of other single use plastics which contribute massively to the problem we currently have. Use refillable where possible. If you manufacture products, look into alternate packaging and other ways you can reduce the amount of plastic you use.

4. Recycle efficiently

Chances are you’re careful when you recycle at home, putting everything into the correct bins. But are you as careful when it comes to your business? Invest in good recycling systems to split up things like paper, plastic and glass, and teach staff how to properly use them

5. Think about the suppliers you use

Choose suppliers that use eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials. Things like recycled paper, low VOC paints and sustainably sourced wood are all a smart move. It’s a small way you can do your bit.

6. Switch off appliances

Leaving computers, appliances and lights on is still a common occurrence in businesses. Even standby mode uses power so start turning things off properly at the end of each day. These kinds of actions have a massively accumulative effect when we all work together and do our bit.

7. Use laptops instead of desktops

Did you know that laptops use much less power than desktops? Modern laptops can be equally as powerful, and could be perfectly adequate for what your workers need. An easy way to stop wasting fuel, since laptops use around eighty percent less power than desktop computers.

8. Go paper free

We live in a digital age but still use far too much paper. Most things can be done online these days so don’t print things like invoices and receipts if you don’t need to. Utilize email instead.

9. Encourage carpooling or cycling to work

Carpooling, or rewarding employees for walking or cycling to work helps to reduce emissions. Fit secure bike racks at your premises with locks making it easy for workers to hop onto their bicycles.

10. Partner with a charity

There are many advantages to partnering your business with a charity- for both you, and for them. It creates networking opportunities and a positive brand appeal for you, and they get to raise money for their cause. You could pledge a certain percentage of your profits to them.

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