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Using Technology To Improve Productivity

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24 Jan. 2019.While productivity is the name of the game for most businesses, it is fair to say that the best way for your company to be as efficient as possible is to have employees who are stress-free and engaged. Fortunately, the rise of technology in the workplace has created environments that are much more conducive to the needs of a business while keeping staff in a positive mind. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make encourage a productive workforce by encouraging working smarter rather than harder.

Recording notes

One of the most important facets of any company is to ensure everything is documented clearly and with easy accessibility. Thankfully applications like Evernote and Google Keep allow you to create and share notes with complete ease, thus making your teams able to access information without delay. The results of this will lead to production being improved thanks to a greater ability to share knowledge.


The ability to share notes brings us nicely onto the use of technology in communication. In the modern era, there are many ways that you can automate communications workflows to ensure a greater shared experience in the workplace. Obviously, communication is key for the production of any company. Whether that means meetings to come to a resolution or just to ensure tasks are completed in the appropriate order and way. Thanks to the previously mentioned automation of communication, you can have your staff engaged in a constant open dialogue rather than being forced to stop what they are doing in order to communicate via meetings or phone calls. Not only is this better for time-sensitive materials, but it also encourages staff to discuss things other than work when away from their desks because they have no need to run over tasks.

General productivity

Your company can only operate as well as its workers are able to process their load. This means you as a manager need to ensure that they have access to the best tools to get through their work. Productivity apps like Todoist and Trello allow you to create hubs that staff members can log in to and start their day without the need to discuss their shift. Throughout the working week, you can add things to this hub and assign projects as you see fit, without needing to break the continued progress of their work. As discussed under communication, one of the pros of applications in the workplace is that your staff can now be given the opportunity to multitask through through single tools rather than having to open up lots of programs – which slow down their computers – when they start.


Making the most of technology is a must for any workplace nowadays and yours will be no different. These applications that can be accessed across tablets, computers and smartphones will give your staff the flexibility and capability to work on the go and without constant interruptions.

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