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Infographic – Apple Phone Sales Down, Wearables Up

Apple earnings Q1 2019

Click on chart for full-size view (Statista, Apple)

2 Feb. 2019. When Apple announced its latest quarterly earnings earlier this week, its decline in phone sales got most of the attention in financial media, but other divisions including those affecting research show revenue gains. The company’s first quarter 2019 earnings report that covers the all-important holiday period in late November and December 2018 shows sales of iPhones at $52 billion, a 15 percent decline compared to $61 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

Apple, however, makes more than phones, and while the volume of sales in these other company units is smaller, the percentage gains from last year are healthy, the subject of this weekend’s infographic, compiled by our friends at Statista. Of particular note to researchers using sensors in smart watches and other wearable or home devices to record data, these sales increased from $5.5 to $7.3 billion, a gain of one-third (33%) compared to the previous year. Apple’s services division that includes payments, music, and cloud storage jumped by 19 percent, while its other hardware units making iPads and Macs, increased by 17 and 9 percent respectively.

Science & Enterprise reported recently on several initiatives that use smart watches and sensor-driven wearables for collecting data, or send data from Apple mobile devices to the cloud for storage and analysis. See the links below for a few examples.

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