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How Patients Can Improve Your Practice

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Inspecting an X-ray

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12 Feb. 2019. Of course you don’t want anybody to fall seriously ill, but when you have a medical practice, it’s crucial people are visiting. People will visit a medical practice for all kinds of reasons, but just because yours is there doesn’t mean they’ll pick you. Finding ways to make your practice more appealing and improve upon it is a good way to ensure that you build your visitor base.

Below, we’ll talk about ways in which your patients think you can improve your practice. Take a look and see what you can change:

Focus on the patient experience

First of all, putting a focus on the overall patient experience is a good idea. Improving the patient experience will ensure they come back and that you don’t receive any complaints later on. Your practice should look and feel engaging, so ensure it’s welcoming, clean, and cared for. You should also ensure that each patient is honored with the respect and attention that they deserve. Ensure communication is high quality, and make ease of access a top priority. Committing to appointments and timelines can be tough when you’re busy, but doing your utmost to stick to this will help, too.

Improve patient flow

Improved patient flow can be achieved with a strong and secure scheduling system. This will help you to get as many in and out the door as possible. You’ll have no schedule gaps and be able to measure user traffic to make improvements. You can always increase practice productivity and patient flow with effective scheduling, as well as your net income and potential new patients. You may also be able to improve your patient flow with marketing for doctors; something that many doctors and practices skimp on.

Electronic prescribing

Patients don’t want to wait a few days to pick up their subscription – they want it now. Imagine being sick and then being told you can’t take the medication to make you better for a few days?

You can increase practice productivity by making the prescription electronically, and ensuring the patient has enough of what they need for their next visit. Don’t give them a couple of weeks prescription if they need it for longer and aren’t schedule to come back for a check up for months. Be smart and make sure they have enough to last them.

Improve office efficiency

Improved office efficiency means giving a seamless experience that encourages patients to return. You should ensure office efficiency is at its maximum by using the tricks we’ve outlined here, as well as a few other ideas that can help. Putting the receptionist near the entrance and ensuring the space is free from clutter is a must. Then, it can be a good idea to organize the office so patients can only move forwards, not backwards. If you don’t, patients will clutter up the office as they retrace their steps.

Are you ready to impress your patients and improve your practice? Use the advice outlined here and you’ll do just that.

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