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The Realities of an Ever-Growing Business

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20 Feb. 2019. Businesses can often grow at a rate that you might not expect. We often imagine that businesses are linear in their progress, but of course, if there’s anything you can expect to be unexpected, it’s the progression of business life. Just one celebrated product can lead to a resurgence of amazing potential, and can truly jumpstart your business into a size you may never have imagined. Conversely, one bad product or horrible PR incident can lead your business to truly fall by the wayside, and that’s the true fear of any business leader.

But while growing as a business can feel like a real blessing, it also comes with its downsides that must be managed correctly. The pressing realities of an ever growing business are hardly a curse, but they can turn into absolute thorns in your side if you’re not ready to tackle them with wisdom and maturity. Luckily, it is possible to take the bull by the horns and ensure it doesn’t end up running all over the place. A calm, composed manner is required for this kind of development however, as well as the following advice:

Crafting departments

When your business starts to grow to an impressive degree, your staff will expect a certain standard from their working life. Of course, three people in a garage working on a startup might have completely different expectations, but if your business has grown since then, it’s best to view it as a legitimate and important place to work. No matter how small you are, you should be hoping to be one of the most competitive places to work in the area. Not only does this attract highly-skilled employees to your offices, but also ensures that people feel a sense of loyalty to your firm. Of course, more fundamentally than that, simply treating people well is the correct way of going about things.

This means building departments you may not have considered before. For example, you might decide that a HR or Payroll specific department is absolutely essential to simply manage the people factor, and to ensure that staff compensation is absolutely reliable and always correctly calculated. Also, implementing a company wide policy of treating people with respect is essential, even in an industry known for its cut throat corporate culture. If you strive to be better, you will have dealt with this pressing reality well.

Seamless systems

Seamless systems are essential to ensure the entirety of your business life is well maintained and considered. Not only can this help you develop a comforting and confident manner of personal presentation, but it gives you the tools to overcome issues that might have developed had you not elected to implement this working infrastructure. Systems that work together often gel together through communication. So this means that ensuring your VoIP and IM systems are reliable and continually utilized through the day is step one. Ensuring that document permissions can be shared with ease, collaborative data drives are respected and careful organized, and that important security log-on apparatus is clean and simple to use, even if electing to utilize complex overall measures.

Seamless systems means keeping a uniform standard of file types and programs in your business. For example, if your business is prone to use creative suites, Photoshop is often one of the most industry-leading image editing programs. This translates well into Adobe Premiere, a video editing tool, and After Effects for motion capture. There are others on the market such as Avid Media Composer, but the entirety of this collaborative network will be stilted if multiple different programs with multiple conversion programs being utilized is necessary. This is just one small example, but it serves to illustrate how working potential often needs to be unified to be successful.

Data collection and management

As you grow as a business, your data collection will be much more than it might have been in the early days. Customers utilizing your website, metadata accrued from purchasing patterns and also the confidential handling of employee data and HR correspondence is important to keep secure, and easy to organize. Your archives must also be up to the task of compounding this most important data over time, preferably in a most-indexed manner.

This is where it’s important to ask the right questions, such as ‘what is master data management?’ or ‘should we localize our servers in-house rather than using outsourced services for this most important practice?’ Taking another look at your data collection policies can also help you generate a disclaimer that is both understandable and acceptable in the minds of your customers and employees alike.

Staying relevant

When a business becomes larger, it does often feel the pressing need to stay more relevant than it might have been. This means ensuring that it continually innovates, strives to attend expos and trade shows, and sponsors those relevant in the industry. It some ways, it must become a patron of the industry, and try to help lead the way forward. This is how companies last for decades since their inception. Just how a sports player won’t last long in the team if they are always and only relegated to the substitute bench, your firm actually has to be a player in order to remain in the game to the fullest extent possible.

Ethical conduct

While all businesses should strive to be as transparent and open about their dealings or practices as possible, small businesses are hardly under the microscope to the extent of their larger counterparts. As you start to grow, ensuring that ethical conduct becomes a mainstay of your business life not only allows for people to look at you with fondness, but helps you avoid PR disasters, and most importantly allows for some real good in the world. If a business is a cyclic force, ensuring that force is both clean of conscience and helps develop the positive and supportive attitudes of the modern world will help customers feel pride in interacting with your firm over the years.

With these tips, the pressing realities of an ever-growing business are sure to be handled with foresight and skill.

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