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Infographic – Germany Beats U.K. in Top Venture Funds

Top 5 venture deals in Europe

(GlobalData Ltd)

23 Mar. 2019. New signs show the United Kingdom is no longer the technology venture capital darling of Europe. A new analysis from technology market intelligence company GlobaData, based in London, shows the top 2 enterprises attracting venture financing in Europe during 2018 were German companies, followed by 3 start-ups in the U.K., our infographic for this weekend.

GlobalData, which maintains a financial deals database, says Auto1Group, an online car trading platform in Berlin and AboutYou, a digital fashion retailer in Hamburg, led the top 5 European deals, receiving $561 billion and $300 billion respectively in 2018. In the next 2 spots are online financial services companies Revolut in London gaining $250 billion and Atom Bank in Durham receiving $207 billion, followed by artificial intelligence technology enterprise Graphcore, in Bristol, with $200 billion.

In addition, Germany had an average venture deal size of $14.3 billion in 2018, compared to $8.1 billion in the U.K. But the U.K. still managed to account for about 4 in 10 venture financing deals and 37 percent of the dollar value of those deals in Europe during 2018, compared to 2 in 10 of all European deals in Europe and 12 percent of the dollar value for Germany.

Aurojyoti Bose, a financial analyst at GlobalData, says in a company statement on Thursday, “The U.K. has always been the tech capital for emerging tech companies in Europe. However, countries such as Germany and France have been generating significant investor interest and thereby challenging the UK’s leadership.” Bose adds, “With Brexit looming large over the U.K., it can be a cause of concern for the UK-based tech companies and may drive investments away from the country.”

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