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Infographic – Microsoft, IBM Lead A.I. Patent Race

A.I. patent chart

Click on image for full-size view. (Statista)

1 June 2019. Artificial intelligence, or A.I., in its various forms are a continuing focus of researchers across many disciplines, and the world’s leading technology companies are in a race to turn these discoveries into products and services. The market intelligence company iPlytics GmbH in Berlin published a report in April on A.I.-related patents owned by technology companies, which our friends at Statista on Wednesday compiled into a chart, this weekend’s infographic.

The data show as of January 2019, Microsoft leads in the number of A.I. patents in its portfolio with more than 18,300, followed by IBM with about 15,000 patents. Device and chip makers Samsung, Qualcomm, and Google are next, each with about 9,500 to 11,200 patents. Philips, Siemens, Sony, Intel, and Canon round out the top 10.

The iPlytics report also tallied the number of patent applications for A.I.-related technologies over the past several years, which shows the rapid growth of this field. In 2008, nearly 23,000 A.I.-related patent applications were filed, and by last year that number jumped to some 78,000.

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