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Infographic – The Camera Evolves

Evolution of camera chart

Click on image for full-size view. (Statista)

3 Aug. 2019. If you explore the web site of Technology News and Literature, the parent company of Science & Enterprise, you will find a section devoted to photography, a hobby of sorts but also a volunteer professional activity. As we’ve noted many times on Science & Enterprise, photography can be combined with advances in robotics and artificial intelligence such as computer vision, machine learning, and drones for a host of innovative applications in agriculture, health care, and engineering; see links below.

Our friends at Statista recently published a chart showing how the technology for photography developed and its evolution over the years, this weekend’s infographic. For many of us, smartphones and photography are almost synonymous, while for others like myself who shot photos on film and developed them in darkrooms, digital images remain like a miracle.

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