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Infographic – A.I. Venture Deals Reach New Highs

AI funding chart

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

10 Aug. 2019. The total amount of venture capital worldwide raised by artificial intelligence start-up companies set a record in the second quarter of 2019, reaching $7.4 billion. And in that April – June 2019 period, venture investors closed 488 deals, the second largest number of A.I.-related deals in any quarter.

Data for this weekend’s infographic on Science & Enterprise come from our friends at CB Insights and Statista that put together the chart. The CB Insights report shows for the first time investments in U.S. A.I. start-ups made up less than half of the deals closed in the quarter. Investments in European and Chinese companies comprised the majority of the deals.

However, American start-ups raised the largest A.I.-related venture amounts in the second quarter, making up eight of the top 10 deals. Total amounts invested in A.I. start-ups each quarter have been steadily rising since 2015, according to the report. In 2018, the second quarter was also a big investment period for A.I., with start-ups worldwide raising some $7 billion.

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