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Infographic – Key Health Care/A.I. Start-Ups

AI-health care start-ups

Click on image for full-size view (CB Insights)

28 Sept. 2019. Regular readers of Science & Enterprise know we give a lot of attention to artificial intelligence, its growing use in science, and emergence in products and services spun-off from research labs. Earlier this month, our friends at CB Insights compiled a list of start-up companies applying A.I. to health care, with its market map of these enterprises making up our weekend infographic.

The market map shows 84 new companies working with A.I. in health care, although the accompanying report adds a few more. CB Insights breaks down the companies into 12 categories:

– Imaging and diagnostics
– Drug discovery
– Predictive analytics and risk scoring
– Genomics
– Virtual assistant
– Hospital decision support
– Remote monitoring
– Clinical trials
– Fitness
– Nutrition
– Compliance (e.g. protecting patient data)
– Mental health

Imaging-diagnostics and drug discovery are the two main groupings, taking up more than half of the enterprises on the chart. CB Insights points out that the imaging and diagnostics category accounts for $1.5 billion or 22 percent of investor financing, while the drug discovery group gained 23 percent of investment funding. And while six in 10 of these companies are based in the U.S., China and the U.K. are emerging as key start-up hubs for A.I. in health care.

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