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Simple Employee Relations in Your Business

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Meeting, overhead view

(Malachi Witt, Pixabay)

12 Jan. 2020. Over the months and years, you’ll develop a real relationship with your employees. It’s going to be a little too formal when you’re first meeting them in the office. However, eventually, it will become less kind of forced and more natural. Developing a personal relationship with employees is critical to success. Every business has an ethos of getting to know the customer, but so many lack the ethos of knowing each other.

It’s little wonder that businesses are splashing more cash on team-building days, games and exercises. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. But a united workforce is a strong workforce. No matter what you or the world throws at them, they will want to pull each other up together to achieve a goal. One of the things that prevent this from happening is basic employee discipline.

Punctuation is so underrated

The trouble with being a leader is, you have to decide between being a friend and being the boss. You can’t wear two hats at the same time. When you become too friendly with employees, they tend to only see you as a friend and not their leader. Thus, you need to be quick to correct mistakes you see them making. One of the things that can happen when you’re seen as the friend is, normal standards begin to slip.

Not showing up to work on time is one of the more common issues. But using a cloud hr system, you can track and display when employees have shown up for work and or clocked in. they have free access to the system, so they can see for themselves their attendance record and time of appearance each day. This is something that your receptionist can do by seeing who walks through the door in the morning.

Manners and politeness

Every business owner up and down the land wants a camaraderie as no other rival business possesses. Yet, you also don’t want to turn your office into a frat party. Basic manners and politeness levels cannot be afforded to let slip. When thank you and please stop being used, you’re only headed downhill. So, make sure that employees are not taking jokes too far whereby it gets personal.

Make sure that employees are not being careless of other people’s issues. Perhaps an employee is sick and or not feeling well, so if your office has a radio or music playing in the background, it should have the volume lowered if requested. If you have a kitchen where employees can make cups of coffee, hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained to a high standard without asking.

Speaking with respect

Managers and the boss are the chain of command. Employees should not feel as if they can speak to such ranks as they’re talking to one of their fellow-ranked employees. There must always be an air of respect and adherence to orders being given.

Simple discipline should never be lacking in an office. You’d be surprised how it can suddenly occur. It’s a simple matter of keeping a finger on the pulse of the office culture.

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