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An Online Magazine For Your Business

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Magazine production

(Drew Williams, Pexels)

17 Jan. 2020. There are a number of different free magazine solutions available today, helping businesses to create the perfect online magazine for your company. With that in mind, read on to discover everything you need to know.

What is a digital magazine?

So, what is a digital magazine anyway? A digital magazine is an online magazine that is delivered in an electronic form. It is usually formatted in an identical manner when compared with the digital version. This means it looks just like the printed mag, but it is interactive!

There are a number of benefits associated with using an online magazine maker to create a digital magazine, which is obviously why you want to create one! But, just so we are clear, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people decide to add magazines to their blog or website.

  • With digital magazines, you can go much further than word-based content and images. You can include flash, video, and much more to draw in readers.
  • But that’s not all… there is greater flexibility with content and amendments can easily be made. Have you ever had a magazine printed only to realise you have made a mistake or you don’t like something? Luckily, online magazines mean tweaks are easy.
  • You can reach a greater number of people with digital magazines.
  • You can incorporate great interactive elements. Investing in video production comes highly recommended, so you can incorporate videos into your magazine, from demos to customer testimonials.

How to create an online magazine?

To do this, you need an online magazine maker. There are so many different magazine makers available, yet every online magazine maker functions in the same way. They give you the tools that are needed to create and design professional digital magazines, which can be shared or published online with ease – so you don’t need to stress about how to publish an online magazine either. When choosing an online magazine maker, consider all of these tools and features to determine which online magazine maker you are ultimately going to go with in the end.

What is the best digital magazine software?

When looking for an online magazine maker, the sheer number of different options that are available will shock you. One of the first things you must decide is whether to pay for the software or not. Of course, it’s best to go for free whenever you can! Why should you spend your money when there are plenty of free versions available that allow you to create digital magazine free of charge? There’s no need! Below, I will take a look at seven of the best free online magazine maker programs that are available.

Flip PDF Professional – This is an easy-to-use PDF magazine creator, with not a single line of code required! It also comes in a number of different languages. With this free online magazine maker, you can turn static PDF magazines into interactive online versions with ease. Simply import PDF documents into the interface of the software. After this, add images, flash, and video. You can pretty much embed any type of rich media, whether it is a piece of audio or a video from YouTube. When publishing a digital magazine with this online magazine maker, it can automatically be published in HTML5 for tablet and mobile, as well as Flash for Mac and PC. There are no limits on the number of digital versions you can create for free, which is great news. This means you could make monthly or even weekly publications without worrying about payment being demanded in the future.

FlippingBook – This has been designed for average-size digital publishers. However, I need to get one major drawback out of the way first. This online magazine maker is not free forever! So, it’s probably a good idea to test it out and see if you think it is worth paying for in the future. Skipping software halfway through isn’t a great move, as you will lack some consistency. So, what are some of the features that may tempt you to pay for this program in the future? Well, firstly, you don’t have to have your own website to make and share magazines. You can either self-host or use the company’s cloud hosting solution. You then get a link so you can share the magazine with ease. There is also a content protection option, so you can prevent your magazine from being distributed in ways you don’t want it to be. The software is also really easy to use. You don’t need to be a pro, that’s for sure. Plus, help is always available if you need it.

Flipsnack – These magazine makers sure like the use of the word Flip, don’t they? With this online magazine maker, you are presented with two options. You can create and design a magazine from scratch online, or you can upload a PDF and do it that way. One of the best features is the real-time statistics and Google Analytics integration. This helps to make smart decisions and understand how your magazine was interacting with the audience. Some other notable features include privacy and sharing settings, website integration, page flip animation, easy sharing, eCommerce buttons, and HTML5 online magazine template options.

MagLoft – This is an online magazine maker for those who want to turn PDF files into digital versions. Set up an account within a few minutes and create as many digital versions of your magazine as you want for free. Social media sharing is easy with this online magazine maker too. It only takes a click of a button and your magazine can be published and then shared via the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Lucidpress – Another impressive free online magazine maker! Lucidpress gives all of the tools needed to create an online magazine. You can create print versions too! You are given a whole host of free magazine templates to choose from. It is also easy to transport from a whole host of sources. Sharing is really easy too. There is plenty of useful information on the Lucidpress website too about free digital magazines, which is great. It’s of no surprise that more than 5 million people use Lucidpress.

Yumpu – If you are looking for an online magazine maker that is easy to use and enables you to read magazines online free PDF versions, this is a good choice. With Yumpu, you only need to follow four easy steps to create a magazine. This starts with creating a PDF magazine. You then upload the online PDF magazine to the online magazine maker Yumpu. After this, set up your newly created online version. Finally, embed it into your website. Easy, right?

Canva – Finally, we have Canva, which is an online magazine maker to make the cover page only. It’s a great magazine cover creator. It is designed to help you create a magazine cover that no one can take his or her eyes off. It is also a really easy to use platform. Start by opening the digital magazine publishing software, and then select the design type for your cover. You can then choose from a huge range of frames, icons, banners, and more, as well as uploading your own images. Combining Canva with one of the other online magazine maker programs is definitely a good choice.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this digital publishing platform comparison, and now have a better understanding regarding the different free online magazine maker programs that are available. All of the online magazine software programs and magazine maker app options that have been mentioned were enjoyable in different ways.

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