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Infographic – Google Market Value Reaches $1T

Alphabet market cap


26 Jan. 2020. Earlier in January, the market value of Alphabet, parent company of Google, reached $1 trillion, the fourth technology company to reach that level. Business data research company Statista charts the rise of the company’s market value since 2004, when Google began trading its shares on the Nasdaq exchange, our bonus infographic this weekend.

Google Inc. was founded in 1998, and issued its initial public stock offering six years later. At the time of its IPO in August 2004, Google had a market capitalization — computed as the total number of shares multiplied by share price — of $20 billion. On 16 January 2020, Alphabet’s shares closed at $1,450.16 a share bringing the company’s total market value to an even $1 trillion. On Friday, 24 January, Alphabet’s shares closed at $1,466.17.

Alphabet now joins Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft in the $1 trillion market cap club.

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