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Ensure Your Employees Feel Appreciated

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Workplace business meeting

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30 Jan. 2020. A job where you don’t feel valued or appreciated turns into a slog. You don’t want to be there, and you are not motivated to do your best. That is why it is crucial to ensure that your employees feel appreciated. They will perform better at work, be more likely to stay in their job for longer and they will live happier lives. If your employees are happy, your business will be more productive and do better, which will, in turn, make you happier. It isn’t complicated to create a positive work environment where everyone feels valued.

Celebrate all achievements

There is nothing that makes people feel more appreciated than celebrating their achievements, no matter how big or small. If you have company goals, mention people who have reached their goals by name in a team meeting. Shouts outs are great as it feels fantastic to be thanked and recognized for your work. If your team meets a more significant goal, you could do something a bit bigger. However you choose to reward and celebrate your employees will be appreciated, and it will show how much you value them.

You can even randomly treat your employees. Maybe they are having a good few weeks, so you bring in some chocolates for everyone or get some fun company branded products for everyone like the ones on

Offer them development opportunities

Opportunities to develop skills, give employees something to work for and the motivation to keep going. Offering your employees the chance to develop their skills shows them that you think they are doing a great job and that you trust them to keep going and learning. It is also a great perk for your business because you will have well-trained staff that can do their job to a high standard. Showing that you are willing to give your team the chance to develop will increase attainment of your staff.

Encourage feedback

Employees should feel comfortable to offer feedback, and when they do, you need to ensure that you listen. There could be one-to-one meetings where you ask for feedback or anonymous employee satisfaction surveys. Everyone wants to voice their opinion if they aren’t happy about something, and you want your business to be the best that it can be, so encourage your employees to talk to you if there is a problem.

Talk to your employees

You want your employees to know that you care about them, not just as your employees, but as people as well. Although work isn’t just about bonding and catching up, building a relationship with your employees is really important. Ask about what they like to do outside of work, ask about their family and discuss TV shows. Being able to talk to each other will build trust and make working together much easier.

Make sure you are also present in the workplace, don’t just stay in your area. Walk around and make sure everyone is okay, offer support and ensure everything is going smoothly.

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