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A Global Strategy to Boost Your Site’s Content

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25 Feb. 2020. For most companies, doing business means having a web presence that builds attention, trust, traffic, and helps promote sales. For companies working globally — and if you are on the web, you have a world wide presence — you may very well need expertise in the diverse markets reached by your web site.

Your web site’s content is the engine that generates interest, gains new followers, produces leads, and can results in new sales. Unfortunately, too many companies take a “set it and forget it” approach to content on their web site. Your web site needs to be dynamic, just like the web audiences are dynamic. Here are ways to meet that goal.

Shake up the style of your content

Your company may have well-researched and well-engineered products, with dazzling product pages. That’s a good start. Now add a blog to tell customer stories using your products. Use your blog to publish a white paper, describing your company’s thinking and motivation behind the product, and build a deeper level of trust with prospects. Add a podcast or video interviews, so customers see and hear real flesh-and-blood people using your products and gaining satisfaction from them.

Participate in public issues

Many business avoid public policy issues, since they can generate discomfort if not handled properly. But if your company is involved in products or services that have an impact on climate change, for example, you can show your enterprise is taking part in reducing its carbon footprint. Content like that on your web site shows you are part of a global effort to save the planet, and help build trust, followers, and prospects for the goods and services you produce.

Many companies are taking these steps or plan to do so. You should let your customers, suppliers, community, and other stakeholders know about it. It’s a good story, and you should tell it on your web site.

Target your content for search engines

Yes, everyone uses search engines, but that does not mean everyone is an expert. With all of your great content, getting noticed through web searches needs a sound strategy. And that search engine optimization or SEO strategy needs to be fine-tuned for the areas of the world you serve. For example, reaching Chinese audiences working abroad should seek the advice of a Chinese SEO Company with experience in international markets. Reaching diverse markets with your story requires that fine-tuned expertise.

You have a great story to tell, so use the web to tell it. And be ready tell it across the globe.

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