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Make Your Computing Experience More Enriching

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5 Mar. 2020. These days, it’s quite common for essentially everyone to spend a huge proportion of their time –  if not at work, then at home – sitting in front of a computer.

More and more services are moving online, and more and more digital tools are playing a prominent role in how everything from personal finance, to task management, gets handled.

Of course, there will always be more and less positive and fruitful ways of structuring your computing experience.

Here are a few tips for making your computing experience more enriching.

Organize and outfit your office to support good health and mood

Famously, sitting hunched in front of a computer for long periods of time is not actually very conducive to good overall health – largely because of issues such as poor posture, eyestrain, improper lighting (leading to circadian rhythm dysregulation among other things), and even poor air circulation.

The first step is to organize and kit out your home office to support good health and mood, when you are seated in front of the computer.

Begin by upgrading your lighting situation, particularly so that you have access to bright lights in the early part of the day, and dim lights just before bed. LED strip lights might be particularly useful, here.

Beyond that, consider features such as adjustable standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and portable HEPA filters that you can position next to your desk.

By itself, any one of these changes may seem fairly trivial. Taken together, though, the impact on your sense of well-being can be substantial indeed.

Consider trying your hand at Linux

The overwhelming majority of computer users are divided between Windows and Mac systems – with the majority of those using Windows.

Linux, meanwhile, sits in the background as the free and open source alternative beloved by tech and coding enthusiasts of all stripes.

If you want to make your computing experience more autonomous, and to acquire a decent degree of skill and insight with regards to things like coding, you should seriously consider trying your hand at Linux. All you need is a compatible machine, and the time and desire to investigate the different distributions and choose one that you like the look of. From there, you’ll be able to download and set up the operating system for free.

With Linux, you are “in the driver’s seat” to a degree that just isn’t paralleled with Windows and Mac.

Reduce some common digital distractions, and have a particular intention in mind whenever you use the computer

Your computer can be an extraordinary tool, that can be used to enrich and improve your life in a broad variety of different ways.

Of course, though, there’s also a good chance that when you sit down in front of your computer, the first thing you actually do is spiral down a rabbit hole of distraction and procrastination, clicking from site to site, and losing track of the fact that the hours are zooming by.

Reduce some common digital distractions, and make a point of only sitting down at the computer whenever you have a particular intention in mind. The more you can approach things in a focused and deliberate manner, the more positive and productive you will tend to be.

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