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Infographic: Largest One-Day Dow Declines

Chart: stock market crashes


14 Mar. 2020. At Science & Enterprise, we report on the interaction of science and business, and the coronavirus pandemic offers dramatic evidence of that relationship. The business data research company Statista published a chart yesterday that shows two of the six greatest one-day declines in the Dow-Jones Industrial Average since the year 2000 occurred last week, with the largest single-day drop on Thursday, nearly 10 percent.

While the Dow recovered much of Thursday loss yesterday, a gain of 9.4 percent, the 30-stock index has fallen 21.1 percent since 14 February, when it closed at 29,398.08. The other four largest single-day declines, each of seven to eight percent, occurred during the 2008 housing-bubble financial meltdown and reaction to the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington

We’ll continue reporting on financial trends affecting science-based industries, including the Nasdaq’s Biotechnology Index and venture capital investments, which we’ve been tracking for some time.

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