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Blowing the Whistle on Fraud

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Referee whistle

(BlueBudgie, Pixabay)

20 Mar. 2020. In 2020, like every year, huge quantities of taxpayers ‘ dollars will be used to fund every aspect of the US economy, from education to the military. Every dollar is up for negotiation as companies and scammers look to take advantage of it whenever they can.

Whistleblowers and US laws safeguard these funds as far as possible, but what the general population does not know is how many different private sector companies and industries profit from this financing.

The Whistleblower Protection Act will ensure that all those who support the Government by giving valuable information will not face harassment or retribution. In fact, many of them will earn a reward for coming forward in successful circumstances. Ensuring everybody knows which components of the economy receives funding is essential to the prevention of fraud and corruption.

The Government can not possibly protect all this expenditure in the private sector and needs the support of regular people to report corruption when it occurs. It benefits the population as a whole – the more money that is kept out of fraudster hands and kept in the public purse, the better for everyone.

This infographic demonstrates the cash flow wonderfully and how money flows out of the central Government to all the different industries and sectors.

It also indicates exactly how much each segment of the US economy will get. In addition, each section is divided into sub-sections that will help you to understand all the different areas where corruption can happen.

Will you be blowing the whistle if you see evidence of fraud?

Infographic: Government Spending: Where Public-Private Money is Going in 2020

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