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Infographic – Covid-19 Global Spread Near Complete

Covid-19 map


4 Apr. 2020. On 1 February, we posted a map infographic on Science & Enterprise about a new virus first spotted in China that began spreading elsewhere in the world. We still called it novel coronavirus at the time — the name Covid-19 would come later — and was largely a concern for Asian nations, particularly China. Europe and North America were barely affected.

Now, of course, Covid-19 is truly a global pandemic, and the business data research company Statista published a new map yesterday showing where the disease has spread. The map’s data, from Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19 dashboard, show only a few central Asian and African countries not reporting any cases. And the world’s most worrisome hot spots, with 100,000 cases or more, are the U.S., Spain, and Italy. The JHU dashboard today shows Germany, France, and China continue to report from 80,000 to 100,000 cases.

In the U.S., the sharp rise in confirmed cases is as much a result of more testing after a slow start, as the spread of the disease. As reported in last weekend’s infographic, more Americans are being tested for Covid-19, with backlogs in reporting test results climbing almost in lockstep with testing. Our calculations from the Covid Tracking Project show the number of new daily tests rising yesterday to 140,000, with the backlog declining slightly and leveling off at about 60,000 each day.

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