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Why You Should Hire a Web Designer

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17 June 2020. These days, websites aren’t just for businesses. Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, an artist or run a group, you need a website. While plenty of us are on social media or available via email, having a website as a first point of contact is always a good idea so potential clients or customers, fans or just friends and family can always find you easily.

The problem with many websites is that they aren’t functional, are hard to read, outdated or inaccessible. Too many of us design our website using free and easy platforms and leave them as-is for months or even years without updating them, making sure they’re accessible or even functional. The result is a hard-to-read mess that doesn’t look great, especially on mobile, and can turn visitors right off from ever visiting your website again. That’s not what you want! But who has the time to completely overhaul and design a new website?

For those who don’t have the time or the know-how to design a website, luckily there are plenty of web designers out there who can create beautiful, functional, and accessible websites for you. Website design is an ever-growing industry because so many people want to put their best face forward and create a lasting first impression with their website. Hiring a professional website designer can do just that.

Professional web designers like R6 Digital will combine their experience, talent and great eye for detail to create beautifully designed websites that are as functional as they are great-looking. Using top notch graphics and excellent design, you’ll have a website that looks as great on mobile as it does on a traditional desktop, that functions beautifully and is easy to read and access, even for those with vision or hearing issues. Accessibility is a must for a website these days, so never cut corners there.

A great website is more than just how it looks, though. You also want to make sure that your website is optimized for SEO and that your search engine rankings are good, that you’re tracking analytics and data to see what parts of your website are performing well, and that you’re fully integrated into social media sites so that your clients and customers can engage with you and never miss a blog post or update. An experienced web designer can handle all of this and more.

A great web designer can also go over all those details that most folks never think about when it comes to websites, but are no less important: things like the right web host to choose, how to read analytics and data, the right “theme” or brand for your website, and so on. A lot more goes into a great website than just a cool background graphic and a couple of lines in the “About Me” section. Everything, from your landing page to the blog, the logos, the SEO and analytics, and everything in between, should be streamlined, functional and well-designed.

If you’re looking to overhaul your website and make it into something great, consider hiring a professional web designer to take it into the stratosphere. Plenty of folks design their own websites, but find that the finished result is lacking. Don’t make that mistake. Spending a little money on a great web designer is an investment that you definitely won’t regret. A beautiful website is worth its weight in gold.

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