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Infographic – Steps to Control Covid-19 Transmission

Covid-19 transmission

Click on image for full-size view (The Lancet)

20 June 2020. Earlier this month, an international team commissioned by World Health Organization published a review of available evidence on steps communities and health care providers can take to control the spread of Covid-19 viruses. Their findings appeared in the journal The Lancet, that prepared a chart with the most effective measures for controlling person-to-person transmission, reproduced as this weekend’s infographic.

The authors reviewed 172 observational studies from 16 countries that include 44 comparative studies in health care or community settings. Their analysis shows three steps appear to have the most effect in controlling spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: physical distancing, and wearing a face mask and eye protection, such as face shield or goggles. The researchers were more certain about keeping a distance of one to two meters than wearing a mask or goggles, but the evidence shows those steps are associated with markedly reduced transmission of Covid-19 viruses from one person to another.

The team prepared the analysis for WHO to help draft guidance for public health authorities. The authors say controlled randomized trials would offer more conclusive evidence, but until then these findings provide the best available evidence. Health care settings, of course, require stricter transmission controls, but the authors say the results can be applied as well to general person-to-person viral spread.

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