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Covid-19 Vaccines, Therapies – 29 June 2020

Vaccine and therapy tracker

BioRender Covid-19 vaccine and therapy tracker. (

29 June 2020. We’re following advances in Covid-19 vaccines and therapies with the help of a tracking service created by BioRender, a scientific illustration software company. BioRender, in Toronto, Ontario, develops graphics tools for life sciences, biotechnology, and other disciplines.

According to today’s data, 149 Covid-19 vaccines are in the works, with 25 of those vaccines now in clinical trials. That’s an increase of seven more vaccines in progress since last Monday (22 June), with five more vaccines in clinical trials. Among those advancing in clinical trials are vaccines by CureVac and Inovio Pharmaceuticals reported on earlier in Science & Enterprise.

Likewise, 283 therapies are being developed, with 197 clinical trials. That’s a gain of 17 new treatments and 18 more trials underway since last Monday. One of the new therapy candidates is from Gilead Sciences, an inhaled version of its anti-viral drug Remdesivir to treat less severe Covid-19 infections. The company says it received clearance from FDA to begin clinical trials of that formulation.

In addition to the summary dashboard shown above, the BioRender Covid-19 vaccine and therapy page provides details of the vaccines and therapies, as well as an activity feed showing news updates on these drugs.

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