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Covid-19 Vaccines, Therapies – 13 July 2020

Covid-19 vaccine and therapy tracker

BioRender Covid-19 vaccine and therapy tracker. (

13 July 2020. A regular feature on Science & Enterprise each week is an update on Covid-19 therapies and vaccines in development. The report is provided by BioRender, in Toronto, Ontario, a company offering illustration and graphics tools for life sciences, biotechnology, and other disciplines.

This week’s report shows a marked increase in activity on therapies, while the number of vaccines in development and clinical trials increased only slightly from last week. The BioRender tracker shows 305 therapies for Covid-19 being developed, with 219 of those treatments in clinical trials, an increase of eight therapies each in development and trials. Vaccines, on the other hand, each added one new item in development and trials since last Monday.

In addition to the summary dashboard shown above, the BioRender Covid-19 vaccine and therapy page provides details of the vaccines and therapies, as well as an activity feed showing news updates on these drugs.

Last week, the U.S. politics publication Politico reported on the national arms race in Covid-19 vaccines, with each country trying to be the first to develop a vaccine to protect its population and capture the global market. You can read my assessment of the situation below, given yesterday on Twitter …

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