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Infographic – Univ. Students Hope for Campus Return

Univ students pandemic chart

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

18 July 2020. As the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies in the U.S., school systems and colleges are debating whether and how to reopen their classes next month. A poll by the U.S. news publication Axios suggests college and university students are ready to return to their campuses, and even postpone partying until the pandemic recedes.

The business research company Statista captures the data in a chart published this week, and displayed as our weekend infographic. The results show three in four U.S. college students (76%) plan to return to their campuses if given the option, with two-thirds (66%) prepared to attend in-person classes. However, if a major Covid-19 outbreak occurs, nearly the same percentage of students (67%) would leave their campuses.

And, at least when asked in the survey, most university students say they’re ready to forego some of the more enjoyable features of campus life. Seven in 10 students (71%) say they would not attend sports events and eight in 10 (79%) won’t attend parties if they return to campus.

Axios commissioned the survey conducted by the company College Reaction that polled a representative sample of 800 students in the U.S. on 13-14 July.

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