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  • A biotechnology company is sponsoring university research on light waves reacting in characteristic patterns for de…
    about 18 hours ago
  • New post on Science and Enterprise: Univ Lab, Company Developing Phone-Based Virus Sensor #Science #Business
    about 18 hours ago
  • A blood test designed for low-resource field settings is shown to quickly detect and distinguish between different…
    about 24 hours ago
  • New post on Science and Enterprise: Quick Crispr-Based Test Detects Malaria in Blood #Science #Business
    about 24 hours ago
  • Researchers in the U.K. created a bandage with enhanced human skeletal stem cells that in lab mice repairs simulate…
    about 2 days ago

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Medical gear

(Rawpixel, Pixabay)

15 Sept. 2020. The nation and the world aren’t the ones facing health issues., even intrepid business/science writers and editors. I’ve been dealing with paper work most of today, with real pieces of paper, so we’ll not publish any editorial posts until tomorrow,. Many thanks for your patience.

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