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The Pandemic Can Help Improve Your Business Strategy

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20 Nov. 2020. Electronic commerce has been one of the main protagonists of the last two months of confinement. With the majority of retail and retail businesses closed due to the pandemic, outings to purchase essential products have been combined with online shopping to receive at home. And the buying trends have been reflecting the moment they were going through the different phases of confinement.

Businesses are growing amid a pandemic.

Some classic businesses that have opted for the online channel during the last two months have not only maintained sales but have even increased them. Any business that can take their products online, most certainly should. If you are online already, then you may want to look at what exactly could be of benefit to you in the next steps. Faced with these changes in consumer habits and demands, brands have had to re-strategize and preferably, look towards a different future post-pandemic. But are we doing marketing differently?

A successful ecommerce as a key to sales

In recent months, many people have realized the speed and convenience of buying or booking through an ecommerce or direct booking engine, which has generated an increase in transactions and reservations through this channel. Many SMEs and small businesses or hotels that had not experienced this route have had to adapt their marketing strategies and sales processes to this market. However, not all of them had enough expertise to do so. In this sense, the key to a successful eCommerce is to have a solid strategy to sell on the internet, which can be achieved through training or with the support of experts. You should seek to advertise where possible and therefore look at an ecommerce advertising company.

Sensitive and emotional messages aligned with the new normal

Lately, there has been a greater degree of “solidarity” in advertising campaigns. These are campaigns that help to unite people on the whole. Currently, marketing strategies not only seek to sell or publicize a product but also appeal to connect emotionally with the customer and create a committed and responsible brand image. This same trend of messages adapted to the circumstances has been noticed during the de-escalation. This is a period in which brands have announced their “return” or reopening. It has made some brands rethink their entire aesthetic.

Chatbots, an excellent addition to customer service

Brands have used chatbots for a long time; however, this may need to be upgraded. After the period of confinement and with the social distancing measures, which also impacted on call centers, the advantage offered by these tools, capable of responding to customers automatically, quickly and efficiently to solve problems or problems, has become even more evident.

Also, it is believed that this trend will continue to grow due to factors such as lower costs and logistical processes involved in managing a virtual event versus a physical one. Don’t lag behind, and utilize the pandemic for your own needs. Make the changes, look at what is going wrong and change your strategy.

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