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Biotech Manufacturing, Distribution Company Underway

Vaccine vials

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23 Nov. 2020. A new enterprise providing manufacturing and supply chain services for biotechnology labs, including gene and RNA therapy developers, began operations. Resilience — officially National Resilience, Inc. — in San Diego and Boston says it raised so far more than $800 million led by its founding companies, life science and technology investors ARCH Venture Partners and 8VC.

The company says it plans to fill critical gaps for delivery of new biologic therapies to the public, namely in manufacturing and distribution. “Covid-19 has exposed critical vulnerabilities in medical supply chains,” says Robert Nelsen, Resilience founder and board chair in a company statement, “and today’s manufacturing can’t keep up with scientific innovation, medical discovery, and the need to rapidly produce and distribute critically important drugs at scale. We are committed to tackling these huge problems with a whole new business model.” Nelsen is also managing director at ARCH Venture Partners.

That business model is a network of production and distribution facilities and services for biotechnology companies and labs. Resilience says it can offer biotech developers a customized set of manufacturing and distribution solutions, so scientists can focus on their research. The company says its manufacturing facilities meet industry good manufacturing practice standards aimed at fulfilling regulatory requirements, with supply chain elements and management all onshore.

Resilience says its services can support recent advances in biotechnology, such as cell and gene therapies, viral vectors, vaccines, and proteins. The company’s services, says the company, include manufacturing of gene-editing therapies and vaccines, with formulations that require temperature stability.

Resilience aims to provide manufacturing and supply chain services to benefit customers in much the same way that Amazon offers cloud computing. “Similar to Amazon Web Services,” notes board of directors member Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner, “Resilience will empower drug developers with the tools to more fully align discovery, development, and manufacturing; while offering new opportunities to invest in downstream innovations in formulation and manufacturing earlier, while products are still being conceived and developed.”

The company was founded earlier this year by two life science and technology venture investors ARCH Venture Partners and 8VC. Resilience says it raised more than $800 million so far in two venture rounds, including $750 million in its second funding round. Other investors are GV, formerly Google Ventures, NEA, and undisclosed mutual funds, pharmaceutical companies, foundations, family offices, and pension funds.

“By providing improved process platforms and the highest quality manufacturing network,” says co-founder and CEO Rahul Singhvi, “Resilience has been designed to help society meet the challenges of tomorrow, whether that’s the next pandemic or high demand for a great new medicine.”

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