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Building Credibility as a Budding Developer

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(John Schnobrich, Unsplash)

25 Nov. 2020. Besides your hard work, skills, and qualifications, credibility is the most critical and fundamental element you need. The quality of being trusted alongside your product’s positive performance is similar to creating a lasting first impression. Research has shown that over the next 10 years, business demands for software developers is set to rise by at least 22%. So, how do you build credibility as a budding developer, to enable you to stand heads and shoulders above the competition? Take a look at the list below.

1. Build a project portfolio and link it with testimonials

As the product design and development industry continues to march forward at breakneck speed, a certification from a few years ago may not be enough as a budding developer. What matters most is that you are well-versed on modern tech trends and you infuse this knowledge into every project you work on. Building a portfolio enables you to demonstrate your skills and experience and should showcase every job you have done as a developer. Your portfolio acts as a testament to your skillset to your potential clients and employers. Include your testimonials in your portfolio to show off your good qualities through the experience of your happy and satisfied clients. Testimonials indicate a success pattern, which convinces potential clients you can repeat such achievements with their projects.

2. Create a professional website 

The way you present yourself online determines the customers you attract. Even though it is great to have good reviews marketing your brand, your web presence is a quick go-to-place to showcase your expertise. There are many website building platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, or Weebly. These sites make it easier for you to build an interactive and easy-to-use website. You should design your website to give your potential customers a feel of your skillset and make it easy for them to see your professionalism. In some instances, an intuitive client may overlook some level of inexperience if your website communicates professionalism. Be sure to add your contact information to your website. Create an email address connected with your website’s name and avoid using unprofessional addresses with no connection to your online presence.

3. Be consistent in your rates

As a budding developer, the allure to appease clients with super flexible rates is high. You may want to do this to retain clients by presenting yourself as an affordable developer. Unfortunately, you inadvertently create an uneven personalized pricing system among clients if you carry through with this. By so doing, you reduce your worth. This also applies to bidding wars. Although this may be challenging, you need to communicate with clarity and confidence. By exuding this character trait, the potential employer or customer will buy into your self-assurance.

As businesses continue to evolve, it is clear that credibility is becoming a reliable component to retain your customer base. It demonstrates integrity, trustworthiness, and establishes you as a professional force to be reckoned with. Although these three tips can guide you in building credibility as a budding developer, explore other means to do so to gain the success you are looking for within this competitive industry.

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