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Infographic – Most Americans Wearing Mask in Public

Mask wearing in USA

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

23 Jan. 2021. Wearing a face mask has become a hot-button public controversy in the U.S., but a continuing survey shows Americans by and large are wearing masks in public. The data come from surveys by polling company YouGov and Imperial College London, tracking several measures of personal behavior in response to the Covid-19 pandemic since February 2020 in many countries worldwide.

Business data company Statista pulled out the findings for the U.S. on the question of wearing a mask in public and displayed the results on Thursday, and shown in this weekend’s infographic. The data indicate that once the pandemic took hold in the spring, majorities of Americans said they wear face masks in public. Since July 2020 that percentage is fluctuating between 75 and 80 percent, although dipping slightly since November.

The Biden administration’s Covid-19 response plan issued soon after the inauguration this week includes mask-wearing mandates in federal government buildings and interstate travel, including planes, trains and, buses. The plan also encourages state and local officials outside of federal authority to issue mask mandates as well.

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