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Infographic – Top Venture Investor in Each State

Venture investors in each state

Click on image for full-size view (CB Insights)

20 Feb. 2021. For many start-ups in the U.S., venture capital funders are often local financiers, which means entrepreneurs should be part of their local business networks. Late last month, the technology research company CB Insights compiled a list of the top technology venture investors in each state and D.C., and displayed the investors on a map, our infographic for this weekend.

Science & Enterprise reports often on venture investing, including some of the venture investors on the CB Insights list. Just this week, we reported on Madrona Venture Group in Seattle, leading the seed round for Ozette Technologies, a Seattle company using artificial intelligence to analyze individual cells for immune-related diagnostics and therapies. Madrona Venture Group is the top venture investor in Washington state.

Earlier this month, we talked about BIP Capital in Atlanta, the top venture capital company in Georgia. BIP Capital is  backing Panoramic Ventures, a $300 million fund to support technology start-ups often left behind by larger mainstream investors, particularly in the South and Midwest. And in July 2020, we told about Capital Access Lab that identified five investment funds serving entrepreneurs usually overlooked by venture investors, including a fund supporting life science and engineering start-ups.

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