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Infographic – Covax Begins Vaccine Deliveries

Chart: Covax deliveries

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

27 Mar. 2021. The Covid-19 Vaccine Global Access, or Covax facility, backed by World Health Organization, European Union, and non-government organizations, started up last year to provide worldwide equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines. Data from Unicef displayed this week in a chart by the business research group Statista, shows since late February Covax began delivering vaccines to some low- and middle-resource countries.

Covax is distributing the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, made under contract by the Serum Institute in India and SK Bioscience in South Korea. So far, Serum Institute began filling allotments in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo, while SK Bioscience made smaller deliveries to Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines. Deliveries so far represent a small fraction of the allotments to those countries, with deliveries for other allotments not yet underway.

Future deliveries from the Serum Institute were clouded by India’s announcement this week that it would delay exports of Covid-19 vaccines, including those to Covax, until its domestic needs were filled. The U.S. could step in later this Spring, since it may have a surplus of vaccines by May, according to the New York Times. As reported by Science & Enterprise, the U.S. rejoined World Health Organization soon after Joe Biden took office, with Congress earlier appropriating $3.36 billion for the Covax project.

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