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Infographic – Biotech Index Dips in Q1

Chart: NBI, Q1 2021

Click on image for full size view (Nasdaq)

3 Apr. 2021. We follow the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index at Science & Enterprise as an indicator of investor sentiment in companies based on life science research. For the first three months of 2021, the NBI continued its climb from last year through the first week of February, but then headed south and ended up about where it began for the year.

The NBI is an index of 277 companies in biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals listed on the Nasdaq exchange. Throughout 2020, the index climbed steadily, despite or maybe because of the pandemic. In 2021, NBI opened on 4 Jan. at 4,759.14 and continued climbing to 8 Feb., when it closed at 5,427.13. At that point, the index declined over the next month until 4 Mar. when it closed at 4,624.27.

The NBI rallied somewhat after 8 Mar., rising to barely over 5,000 that day, then declining again and fluctuating to a close of 4,764.34 on 2 Apr. For 2021 to date, NBI managed to return to about where it started, with a gain of only 0.11 points. For comparison, the Nasdaq Composite Index, reflecting the broader technology industry, experienced similar fluctuations, but rose by 6.2 percent so far this year.

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