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Infographic – Israel Halts Covid-19 Spread with Vaccines

Chart: Covid-19 cases in Israel

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

17 Apr. 2021. Israel is emerging as the world’s leader in vaccinating its population, and seeing results in declines of new Covid-19 cases. This weekend’s infographic, compiled by business research company Statista from Our World in Data,  portrays that country’s progress against Covid-19, marking when its vaccination program began and today’s status.

The chart shows Israel started its Covid-19 vaccinations in December 2020, and as of 11 Apr. vaccinated 57 percent of its population in Israel proper. The country benefits from a centralized health care system and standard health care records, as well as continued mask mandates and little reported vaccine hesitancy. In addition, Israelis can display their vaccination records on a mobile app, which allows them to use gyms and swimming pools, and go to concerts.

Israel still faces challenges, however. The country has so far escaped the B.1.35 variant from South Africa that some clinical trials show is more resistant to current vaccines. And vaccinations in the West Bank territories, outside of Israeli settlements, are going much slower; the chart above excludes the occupied territories. The Palestinian Authority relies on vaccines supplied from the Covax facility, and donations from United Arab Emirates and other wealthier Arab states.

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