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Infographic – Biotech Index Rebounds in Q2

Nasdaq Biotech Index

Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, 2021 year-to-date. Click on image for full-size view (Nasdaq)

3 July 2021. It’s time to check in again with the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, an indicator of investor sentiment for companies based on life science research. When we last checked NBI, at the end of the first quarter of 2021, the index first rose then fell to about where it started for the year. Since then, however, NBI became more bullish as the second quarter progressed.

NBI is an index of 273 companies in biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals listed on the Nasdaq exchange. Since the start of April 2021, the index rose from 4,608 to nearly 4,800 by the end of the month, then fell back to about 4,600 by 13 May. Since that date, NBI rose steadily, closing at 5,148 by the end of June, a gain of nine percent for the quarter and eight percent for the year. That mark is still below the high for the year, 5,427 on 8 Feb.

For comparison, the Nasdaq Composite Index, reflecting the broader technology industry, showed similar fluctuations, rising by 9.5 percent for the quarter and 12.5 percent for the year.

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