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Infographic – Most of World Waits for Vaccines

Chart: Global vaccination timetable

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

4 Sept. 2021. The global Covid-19 pandemic requires a global response, but so far delivery and administration of vaccines are spread unevenly across the world. As we’ve noted in earlier infographics, developed nations are making most Covid-19 vaccines and buying up the bulk of the production.

A recent report from The Economist shows developed countries are vaccinating their populations faster than the rest of the world, and published in chart form this week by Statista. The U.S., Canada, western Europe, China, Israel, UAE, and a few countries in South America are expected to vaccinate at least 60 percent of their residents by the end of this year. Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and most of South America are expected to reach the 60 percent vaccinated mark by the middle of 2022.

While Serum Institute of India is a major producer of vaccines, the country of India is not expected to reach the 60 percent vaccinated level until late in 2022. And outside South Africa, most of the rest of Africa is not expected to reach the 60 percent level until at least 2023. The Economist estimates delays in vaccinating the world’s population will cost the global economy some $2.3 trillion in lost GDP by 2025.

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