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Infographic – Cruising Biotech Index Takes Late Dip

Nasdaq Biotech Index, 3rd qtr 2021

Click on image for full-size view. (Nasdaq)

9 Oct. 2021. Our last visit to the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index in early July showed the NBI rebounding in the second quarter after a plunge in early spring. A look at the index today shows the NBI, an indicator of investor sentiment in the industry, continued its choppy climb through most of the third quarter, only to start another decline in late September.

NBI opened on 1 July at 5,148 and by 9 Aug. closed at at 5,477. Starting 9 Aug., NBI bounced around until closing at 5,395 on 23 Sept. Then, the index started a decline to close at 5,085 on 30 Sept. That decline continues to yesterday, 8 Oct. when NBI closed at 4,883. For the year, NBI is still up 326 points or 2.6 percent from the beginning of 2021. By comparison, the Nasdaq Composite Index, which represents the more general investor interest in technology stocks, is up 15 percent for the year.

NBI is an index of stock prices from 267 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies trading on the Nasdaq exchange.

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