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Infographic – Cyber Incidents Top 2022 Business Risks

Chart: 2022 business risks

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

22 Jan. 2022. An international survey shows more risk management experts consider cyber incidents the leading global risk to business in 2022. The survey of 2,650 risk management experts in 89 countries was conducted in October and November 2021 by business insurance company Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty as part of the company’s annual risk barometer report published this month.

Business research company Statista published the survey’s key findings in chart form earlier this week. More than four in 10 respondents (44%) selected cyber incidents among the three most important risks business will face in 2022, an increase of four points over the previous year. Cyber incidents are defined in the survey as criminal activity and data breaches, but also system failures and outages. Nearly as many respondents, 42 percent, selected business interruptions that include supply chain disruptions, about the same percentage as in last year’s survey.

Less than two in 10 risk managers (17%) name climate change as a leading risk to business in 2022, up four points from 2021’s prediction. But a quarter of respondents (25%) also include natural catastrophes in their list, suggesting the effects of climate change are getting their attention. Natural catastrophes ranked third in business risks for this year, up eight points from last year’s survey.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is the fourth-place ranking of the pandemic — defined as health and work force issues, and restrictions on movement — with 22 percent of respondents, a drop of 18 points from the previous year. Yet, the second-place ranking of business interruptions, which includes supply chain issues, suggests concerns about the pandemic’s effects are still there, but taking a different form.

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