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Infographic – Cancer Drugs Main Pharma Money Source

Pharma revenues 2021-2026

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

12 Feb. 2022. In December, we ran a chart showing vaccines make up a small fraction of overall drug sales worldwide, even Covid-19 vaccines. Our infographic this weekend broadens the issue to revenue sources overall for drug makers, and the leader by a wide margin is cancer drugs.

The infographic’s data are compiled by business research company Statista in its Health Market Outlook, a paid report, and displayed in a chart earlier this month. Statista’s data show global cancer drug sales brought in $176 billion in 2021, 17 percent of total pharmaceutical industry revenues of $1.05 trillion. Vaccine sales totaled nearly $89 billion last year, with diabetes and rheumatic drugs for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions each selling $55 to $56 billion.

By 2026, however, cancer drug sales are expected to grow to nearly $321 billion, making up 23 percent of all pharma revenues. Also by 2026, vaccine sales are projected to fall to $55 billion, but immunosuppressant drugs — biologics that limit the immune system — are expected to grow to $77 billion and take over second place. Pharma companies gained about $40 billion from anti-viral drugs in 2021, but that sales volume is not expected to grow much, reaching less than $44 billion in 2026.

Statista compiled the data from business, consumer, and government spending on pharmaceuticals, with projections based on models composed of financial, health care, and economic variables.

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