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Infographic – Univ. Leadership Still a Man’s World

Chart: Women in university leadership

Click on image for full-size view. (Statista)

30 Apr. 2022. While women now make up a majority of Ph.D. degrees in the U.S., the people leading most of America’s research universities continue to be men. The business research company Statista prepared a chart this week with the data, from a report by the Women’s Power Gap Initiative, a project of the Eos Foundation.

The Women’s Power Gap Initiative surveyed 130 top research universities in the U.S. ranked by the Carnegie Foundation — the schools on which we often report in Science & Enterprise —  noting the genders of their presidents, academic deans, and tenured professors. Results show only about two in 10 presidents of these institutions (22%) are women, with non-white men and women largely underrepresented as well in these leadership ranks. The report notes nearly four in 10 of academic deans and provosts in top research universities are women, which suggests a pool of qualified talent is there.

The data also show the vast majority of full tenured professors at research universities, about two-thirds, also continue to be men. At the same time, more doctoral degrees in the U.S. have been granted to women than men for the past 15 years, suggesting as well that an available pipeline with qualified women candidates. The report cites an analysis in Forbes published in 2018 tracing these disparities to lack of diversity in hiring processes, family and child-rearing responsibilities falling on women, and unconscious biases against women in top jobs.

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