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Infographic – Tech Shares Collapse in April

Share prices drop in Apr 2022

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

7 May 2022. We normally report each quarter on the investment environment for science-based businesses, but technology share prices fell dramatically in April, as displayed this week by the business research company Statista. For the month of April, the Nasdaq Composite Index, made up largely of technology company stocks, fell more than 13 percent. That’s far more than the 9 percent drop in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index and 5 percent decline in the Dow-Jones Industrial Index, indicators of broader market sentiment.

The Nasdaq collapse is the largest one-month decline in that index since October 2008, at the time of the mortgage market meltdown and recession. This time, the drop in share prices is attributed by market analysts to interconnecting factors feeding inflation such as the continuing pandemic and global supply chain disruptions, including shortages of computer chips that particularly affect technology companies. Adding to the gloom, of course, is the war in Ukraine affecting oil and grain supplies and prices worldwide.

The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, made up of 370 biotech and pharmaceutical companies trading on the Nasdaq exchange, fell 10 percent in April, somewhat less of a drop than the overall Nasdaq index, but nothing to celebrate. That continued a trend from the beginning of the year that we reported in early April.

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