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Infographic – 100 Promising AI Companies

CB Insights AI 100

Click on image for full-size view (CB Insights)

21 May 2022. Artificial intelligence, or A.I., is underpinning more and more of our daily work and life in general. And A.I. algorithms are becoming a key part of a scientist’s toolkit for analytics, diagnostics, and drug discovery, as we report almost daily on Science & Enterprise. As a result, A.I. is attracting a good deal of business interest, seen in more new enterprises and investment money worldwide for applications across a range of industries and A.I. development tools.

The technology intelligence company CB Insights now compiles an annual list of new companies creating A.I. applications and tools, with the 2022 collection published this week. CB Insights uses a number of criteria to identify these 100 start-ups, including R&D activity, market potential, and technological novelty, with the list broken down into cross-industry applications, industry-specific applications, and development tools.

Of the three main categories, specific A.I. industry applications are the largest category, making up 43 of the 100 new companies in the CB Insights list. Nearly a quarter of those industry applications, 10 of 43, are in health care, including Insilico Medicine, based in Hong Kong. Science & Enterprise has reported several times on Insilico Medicine, which first began offering A.I. analytics as a service for drug discovery, and now discovers and develops its own treatments.

CB Insights says the 100 companies overall raised some $12 billion from 650 investors since 2017, with 39 of the companies still in seed or first-round venture financing. In the links below are Science & Enterprise stories describing venture funds created this year seeking to finance A.I. advances or applications.

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