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Music Influences Your Mood, and Other Benefits

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(Wes Hicks, Unsplash.

16 Mar. 2023. What happens when we listen to music? Music moves us in different ways, with some having preferences for what genre they enjoy listening to. Music can be an influence in many ways and it’s something that is worth understanding psychologically.

If used correctly, it can have its benefits and influences a person’s mood, whether that be happy, sad, uplifted, or angry. Let’s take a look at how music influences your mood and the benefits that come with using music in everyday life.

Boosts your brain’s production of the hormone dopamine

To understand what music does to us internally, we have to look at the science of it. Music actually boosts brain production of the hormone dopamine.

Dopamine is a hormone that helps reduce stress and provides relief from feelings of anxiety and depression. Even if that music is heavy metal or music associated with sadness and teenage angst.

So whenever you’re listening to music and you suddenly feel a lot better than you did before – you know why!

Helps with productivity and focus

Music is a great way to help individuals get themselves into the zone and to focus on what needs the priority. If you’re someone who struggles to focus and instead, finds themselves procrastinating, then it might be helpful to start playing music at home or in the workplace depending on where you need it the most.

It’s a great way of helping to distract yourself positively and many find it useful to implement as a daily ritual in the workplace especially.

May influence your decision-making

There’s a reason why retail stores will use music in order to engage customers in shopping the aisles for their favorite things. Getting the right music for retail stores playlist is a great way of enticing shoppers to buy more and to hopefully influence their decisions when buying new products.

In general, music is a great way to help bring calm or to hype you up in making a decision in life that is causing you to have second thoughts. While it may lead to overspending for some, it might be the motivational soundtrack needed to make a positive choice in their life.

Improves sleep quality

The right type of music can help to improve your sleep quality. It’s often said that listening to relaxing music in bed is a great way to wind down. If you’ve never tried spa music then this is a great recommendation for those who may struggle to relax or switch off when their head hits the pillow.

Unfortunately, we can’t all have the pleasure of being able to fall asleep instantly.

Could prove beneficial for pain relief

In some cases, music has been helpful for those who are needing some pain relief. Whether that’s mental or physical, music has been known to help those distract themselves from the pain they’re feeling. Even if temporary, it’s definitely something worth doing.

Music definitely influences your mood, so with that being said, make sure to use it to your advantage in both personal and professional environments.

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